Hani Farouk Kozman

I joined my late father’s audit firm “Farouk Kozman & Co.”, that he established in 1970, and was lucky enough to learn from him all the industry secrets & keys of success. I loved the field more when I independently took over the firm & was responsible for its rebranding & restructuring in terms of employees & clients. This is when I studied the market thoroughly and managed to transform the approach of our audit firm to revolutionize against the old school approach & adopt the methodologies & technologies of the big 4 firms while maintaining a moderate prices ceiling compared to market rates.

Today, my firm is a member of SFAI; an international network of accountants & consultants & a member of the “forum of firms”. I am running the firm with a strong team of experts & serving a diversified portfolio of high caliber clients. I provide audit & taxation advisory to well established entities; I proudly claim myself to be a pro in my field & I earned trust throughout the years.

Few years back, I noticed a great lack of awareness among entrepreneurs when it came to financials! Many startups fail to sustain even though the idea is great & the effort is greater. I spotted the key factor of failure…. Numbers!!

I got involved in the ecosystem & led many workshops & even led a TED Talk to spread awareness about the importance of proper accounting, booking & financial reporting no matter how small the business is. These functions are the compass of any business, to say the least.

Finally, I became The Godfather of ‘Benchmark Consultancy’ – a sister company under SFAI; our international network. Benchmark offers accounting, financial & CFO services to startups & SMEs, who outsource their financials to focus better on their daily operations. We have been guiding many startups through the past 5 years & we proudly celebrate their ongoing success. Our pleasure generates from being partners of success.

The network’s affordable rates & professional customer-centric approach is giving me the privilege of being “The entrepreneurs’ mentor”.